The Federal Association of German Heating Industry is a member of the following organisations:

The alliance for energy efficiency of buildings (geea)

The alliance for energy efficiency of buildings (geea) is a cross-sector alliance consisting of leading representatives from the industry, research, professional trade, planning, business, supply of energy and finance. The objective of geea is to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in Germany using policy recommendations and specific measures on the part of the business.

BDI initiative "Energy efficient buildings"

The BDI initiative "Energy efficient buildings" is an alliance of companies and associations, with the objective of discussing issues connected to building renovation comprehensively, of jointly developing framework conditions and identifying practical ways to utilise energy-saving potentials. The members of the initiative also want to contribute in making Germany a pioneer in the field of climate protection.

European umbrella organisation - European Heating Industry (EHI)

The BDH is active at the European level as part of the EHI. The EHI represents and promotes the common interests of 39 companies who are market leaders and 13 associations in the European thermal comfort sector, of manufacturing advanced technologies for heating in buildings, including: Rooms (boiler, electric and fuel driven heat pumps, micro-CHP), heating controls and components, heat storage and heat emitters (heating elements, embedded surface heating and cooling systems), renewable energy (solar thermal energy, geothermal energy, biomass). The industry has a total sales of more than 20 billion Euros and employs 120,000 people.

The EEBus initiative is Europe’s leading initiative in the area of the Internet of things. Together we specify the data, you intend to share with other market participants in the future. With a consistent focus on standardization, we make cross-domain and technology independent interoperability possible for everyone. More information at

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