Dual-strategy incorporating both, efficiency and renewable energies

At the end of 2014, the Federal government finalised the national program for energy efficiency, NAPE and the action plan for climate protection 2020. For the first time, the heating market plays a decisive role, especially under NAPE. NAPE defines energy efficiency as the second pillar of the energy revolution, thus supplementing the electricity revolution. The BDH essentially supports the energy and economic policy cornerstones of NAPE:

  • Regulative law for new buildings: Yes, at the same time removing the regulatory constraints for renovating existing buildings
  • A reinforced and attractive policy of incentives for renovating existing buildings
  • Neutrality of technology and energy at the same time waiving technology promotion and technology specifications and/or discriminating individual sources of energy
  • Deregulation and simplification of the regulative law (e.g. consolidation/synchronisation between Energy Saving Ordinance and EEG)


BDH: Competent partner in the dialogue on energy and economy politics

A core responsibility of BDH is to contribute the technical and commercial competence of the German heating industry to the dialogue with politicians. This ongoing dialogue with the Federal government, the relevant federal ministries and representatives of all the parties of the German parliament, pertains to the formation of specific legal framework conditions, that is the relevant laws (Act on saving energy, EEWärmeG) and regulations (Energy Saving Ordinance) in addition to the basic issues mentioned above.


Focus of BDH: Europe and international markets

Due to the high level of international activities of the German heating industry, the BDH focuses especially on Europe and other international markets in addition to the national responsibilities. With relation to the highest marketable state of the art technology, the German heating industry occupies a leading global position as a high-tech supplier in the heating segment.

The vision of BDH in the technological segment is to further spread the state of the art technology offered by the member companies. Here, the above average and growing demand from the Russian Federation, China and North America existing since many years, confirm the belief that energy efficiency and renewable energies are thriving at a global level. This especially creates medium and long-term framework conditions that are conducive for exports and direct overseas investments of the German manufacturers.

Along with the international activities of the German industry, the BDH drives international technical norms and standards. In addition, the BDH offers support for developing and expanding new markets through international trade fairs. This is achieved for instance by Federal government participation at leading trade fairs in overseas markets, requested and professionally supported by the BDH, usually accompanied by congresses, symposia and market studies.

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