Efficient and renewable energies

One-third of the final energy consumption of Germany can be attributed to heating of rooms and water. The Federal government is focussing on tapping this huge potential. Because it is imperative to technically spruce up the largest energy consumption sector in Germany for the success of the energy revolution. Declining heating costs are not only good for protecting the climate and conserving resources, homeowners and tenants benefit from it as well.

While upgrading the heating system, increase in efficiency and use of renewable energies should be intelligently combined. To do this, optimal systems are available for every area of application and for every type of home. The individual systems show their biggest benefits especially if they are combined wisely. Only when they are optimally combined with all other components of the heating system, can they exhibit their full potential and achieve the maximum savings.

All the heating technologies mentioned here have one thing in common: They create quality of life, conserve the environment, save a lot of money in the long run and are an investment in the future of your real estate.

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