Example of Textilveredlung an der Wiese GmbH

In 2007, Textilveredlung an der Wiese GmbH modernised a steam generator in the textile finishing department. After improving the energy efficiency of the heat generator by implementing an O2 controller, the system efficiency was again significantly increased by installing an economiser. In an optimised operation with pre-heating of feed-water by the economiser, the exhaust gas temperature is now just 130 °C (compared to 230 °C before). Through this measure, the flue gas losses can be reduced by 20 percent at minimum load and by around 45 percent at full load. By retrofitting the boiler with an economiser, the annual fuel consumption was reduced by three percent. This saves 850,000 kWh of energy and € 34,000 in operating costs per year with a high return on capital of 44 percent.

Reduction in energy consumption

850,000 kWh / year

Energy savings in percentage

3 %

CO2 reduction*

207 tons / year


€ 78,000

Cost reduction

€ 34,000 / year

Return on capital

44 %


* The following equivalent values as per Gemis are the basis for all the examples: Natural gas 244 g CO2/ KWh.

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