Huge potentials for industrial heat supply

A significant volume of process heat is required in numerous technical processes and procedures in industry and trades, which must be produced both energy and cost-intensive. A study conducted by the Federation of German Heating Industry together with the German Energy Agency (dena) about the status of industrial heat in a range of 100 kW to 36 MW shows that only one-sixth of the 300,000 systems use state of the art technology. If they were to be upgraded to save energy and brought up to the state of the art, then an additional 2 % of the final energy could be saved in Germany. This corresponds to a reduction in CO2 of 18%.

Comprehensive energetic optimisation of the heat supply system can significantly reduce the energy consumption and cost of the firing system – by 15 percent on average. These kinds of energy efficiency measures are highly profitable and generally amortise their cost within one to four years.


The following manufacturers organised under BDH produce technologies for industrial heating

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