Refurbishing chimneys with stainless steel

The center of the flue gas system

The chimney is presently undergoing a renaissance: Ever since the demand for heating systems with solid fuel has increased, the chimneys are back in the focus of builders and planners. Chimneys are the centre of the flue system of heating units and must therefore be optimally adapted to the type of firing. When it comes to flue gas systems, stainless steel has many advantages: The material is durable, requires little space and can be used for all types of construction. Stainless steel flue gas systems are suitable both for new buildings as well as for subsequent renovation, for inside as well as outside installation. Alternative materials such as ceramic or plastic are more difficult to install or suitable only for low flue temperatures.

Single-walled, double-walled and flexible

Stainless steel flue gas systems are available in single or double-wall designs. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation and are now used deliberately as an architectural design feature on buildings. Single walled stainless steel flue systems are a cost effective chimney solution and are easy to use. Depending on the design, they are used for under- and overpressure operation in combination with gas, liquid or solid fuel. The biggest limitation is the relatively high minimum distance to other flammable components that needs to be maintained. Therefore, they are mostly installed in chimneys that have a fire protection function and also allow ventilation if necessary.